A $100M+ Crypto Mastermind.

Learn How to Make Life-Changing Wealth in Crypto & Free Yourself Financially.

Crypto is a game of precision, not speed. It’s about making a 2-3 sniper decisions per year. There are immense wealth creation opportunities if you know where to look & when to get in. That is where the CashflowForLife Mastermind comes in.

How we help

Crypto never sleeps & neither do we.

The opportunity in Crypto is monumental but just as quickly as you can make money - you can lose it all if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Jake Sharpe & his team are constantly in the markets looking for the best “asymmetrical upside” opportunities to create wealth & generate yield at the same time (income).

We then use the income that we generate from our assets to fund our dream lifestyles while never having to sell our principal. Living off of yield while letting our principal multiply for years.

That is the “Cashflow For Life” way.


The “Cashflow For Life” Mastermind Experience

No one in crypto actually cares about you. We do. We talk to you 1-on-1.

This crypto market is filled with faceless scammers & con artists whos sole mission it is to just extract as much money from you as possible. Shilling you ref links, affiliate links & projects that they dump on your head after they share them with you. We’re tired of seeing well-intentioned people get hurt. This is why CashflowForLife was born. We are the cure.

The 5 Core Ideas of The “CashflowForLife” System

Become wealthy, generate an income, become unhackable, make precise moves & stay up-to-date. The ethos of our system.


Golden Goose Portfolio

Create a Portfolio of Highly Appreciating Assets That Generate Yield to Fund Your Lifestyle Without Ever Having to Sell Your Assets.

Build your portfolio ➔


Holy Trinity Security Setup

Use our simple 3-layer security setup to become unhackable, protect your wealth & be able to pass it on to your next generations (you don’t need to be a tech genius for this)

Become unhackable ➔


Project Sniping

Be able to identify “true” opportunity from scams, 95/100 Projects Are pure garbage, 3-4 are good/decent, 1-2 Are Home Runs, How do you find the home runs consistently?

Start sniping ➔


Smooth Off Ramping

Once You’ve Made a Lot of Money - How Do You Off-Ramp Without Losing Your Money or Getting It Frozen/Locked? The 3-Level System for Off-Ramping $10K, $100K, or $1M+ into the real world without issues.

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Weekly Market Update

Every week on Sunday our founder Jake Sharpe records his Technical Analysis on the markets, his thoughts, views, projects he’s looking into, best DCA zones, moves he’s making, and transparently shares info on everything you need to know to stay up-to-date in this fast-paced market.

Stay up to date ➔

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Total members in the CashflowForLife Inner Circle.

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Total net-worth of members in the CashFlowForLife Mastermind.

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A mentor & mastermind that spreads truth without ill intent.

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Crypto never sleeps and neither do we.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to be a millionaire to join the CashflowForLife inner circle?

If you’re a millionaire, cool, there’s plenty of them in the mastermind/inner circle. But you don’t have to be one, we want to create millionaires.

As long as you have a good income (job, biz, sales, etc…), you’re good to go.

All we care about is that you are committed, coachable, take action & have a strong long-term mindset and desire to create wealth.

Is this free or is there some sort of investment required?

This is obviously not free. Anyone that tells you that they could make you a millionaire without any form of investment is a scammer and wants to steal all of your money.

We believe that people need skin in the game in order to succeed & if they’re not willing to commit, they’ll never be successful. Especially not in this crypto market. The price is nothing crazy at all, but if you’re against investing in yourself & your future, this is definitely not the place or group you want to be a part of. This is the winner’s circle.

Can i talk to real people or is this just another useless group?

This is not a another “garbage trading group” where everyone loses money. This is a mastermind/inner circle of winners with long-term commitment to creating wealth for themselves & for their families.

We care about you, we talk to you, we are not faceless, we hop on zoom calls with everyone, we become friends. We are real people making real money in this market & we put our money where our mouth is, we don’t need to hide like everyone else.

How fast can i get started with this?

You can get started as fast as you want, just fill out the application, book a call on the page after you’ve submitted your application & then you can talk to someone to figure out if this would be a right fit or not. If yes - you can get started right then and there if you want to. This market moves fast & so do we.